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Tren Turistico de la Sabana

Info & History Tren Turistico de la Sabana, also known as Turisten, is a popular train station in the Bogota area where you will find heritage trains and the opportunity to ride them through town and other significant tourism destinations.  If you are unfamiliar with heritage trains, they are railways...
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Playing Tejo

Info & History If you want to get the full experience in Bogota, you have to consider playing tejo at one of the local venues around town. Tejo can be considered the unofficial sport of Bogota! If you are not super familiar with the game of tejo, it is a...
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Torre Colpatria Mirador

Info & History If you’re in the area of Bogota, Colombia, you should definitely consider checking out one of the top tourist attractions, Torre Colpatria Mirador. While the entire building is impressive, the tourist attraction is usually the observation deck which is found on the top floor of the tower....
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Info & History Ciclovia is a special event that allows pedestrians to exercise freely in the streets with their preferred method of transportation, as long as it isn’t a motor vehicle. On Sundays and public holidays, main streets block out all car traffic to allow runners, bicyclists, and skaters to...
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Museo del Chico

Info & History Museo del Chico is also known as Mercedes Sierra de Perez Museum, and it is both a park and a museum that can be found over in the El Chicago neighborhood that is located just north of Bogota. In 1921, this land and house was inherited by...
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Parque 93

Info & History Parque 93 is best described as a commercial and recreational park in Bogota. It can be found on 93rd street in El Chico, which is a popular shopping and nightlife destination in the area. It is very close to the financial district, so there a lot of...
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