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Top 100 Colombian Slang Words

Top 100 Colombian Slang Words

Colombia is known for having a very clear dialect of the Spanish language, therefore, it’s a very attractive country for those who want to learn Spanish. However, each region has a different accent and slang so it can be quite a challenge.

Even for those who speak Spanish, it can be a bit confusing, since despite being the same language there are words that have a different meaning in countries like Chile, Mexico, or Peru.

If you want to speak Spanish like a native, take a look at the following slangs and put them into practice!

1.A la Orden

Slang meaning: at your service

It’s a question before the service. A la orden, ¿cómo puedo ayudarlo? – How can I help you?

It’s an exclamation after the service. ¡Gracias por venir, a la orden! Thanks for coming, at your service

2. ¡Abrase!

Literal meaning: to open up

Slang meaning: to leave, scatter, get out

¡Abrasé! — Get out!

3. Amañado / Amañada

Literal meaning: fixed, rigged

Slang meaning: cozy, comfortable (enjoying a situation)

Estoy muy amañada en mi nueva casa – I’m really enjoying my new house

4. Arrecho / Arrecha

Slang meaning: to be horny

Estoy muy arrecho, no he tenido sexo en mucho tiempo – I’m so horny, I’ve not had sex in a long time

5. Bacano / Bacana

Slang meaning: nice

Compraste un carro nuevo, que bacano – You got a new car, that’s nice

6. Berraco / Berraca

It can either be a negative or positive remark.

Slang meaning: obstinate, brave,

Salió sin mi permiso, ¡qué berraca! – She went out without my permission, she’s an obstinate

Tuvo el ascenso en su trabajo, ¡qué berraca! – She got the promotion in her job, she is so good!

7. Cachivaches

Slang meaning: junk, trash

Tengo muchos cachivaches en mi habitación, necesito limpiarla – I have a lot of trash in my bedroom, I need to clean it up

8. Caer

Literal meaning: to fall

Slang meaning: to flirt

Ve y coqueteas con ese chico – Go and flirt with that guy

9. Camello

Literal meaning: camel

Slang meaning: job

Este camello me cansa – That job tires me

10. Canson / Cansona

Slang meaning: annoying, pain in the butt

Ese niño es muy cansón – that boy is so annoying

11. Cantaleta

Literal meaning: whinning

Slang meaning: complain about a situation and give many explanations

Mamá por favor, ya deja la cantaleta – Mom please, stop to complain about it

12. Cascar

Slang meaning: to hit, to smack, to give a whooping

No le vayas a cascar al niño – Don’t hit the child

13. Charro

Slang meaning: too bad

Que charro que terminó contigo antes de San Valentin – Too bad, he broke up with you before Saint Valentine

14. Chevere

Literal meaning: Great, fantastic

Slang meaning: Awesome

Te dieron el trabajo, ¡que chévere! – You got the job, that’s awesome!

15. Chicanear / Chicanero / Chicanera

Slang meaning: vain, stuck up, smug

Míralo es un chicanero con su nuevo carro – Look at him, he is so vain with his new car

16. Chichi

Slang meaning: to urinate, pee

Necesito hacer chichi – I need to go pee

17. Chimba / Chimbo

This word can be used either be a negative or positive remark.

Literal meaning: Homemade gun

Slang meaning: Cool / Fake

¡Qué chimba! — That’s cool or awesome

Me estafaron el anillo compre salio chimbo – They ripped me off the ring that I bought a ring is fake

18. Chino / China

Literal meaning: Chinese

Slang meaning: child

Mis chinos siempre se portan mal en el colegio – My kids are always misbehaving at the school

19. Chiviado / Chiviada

Slang meaning: fake

Ese reloj es chiviado – That watch is fake

20. Chucha

Slang meaning: bad B.O

El no usa desodorante y tiene mucha chucha – He doesn’t use deodorant so he has bad B.O

21. Churrias

Slang meaning: diarrhea

Tengo churrias – I have diarrhea

22. Chuspa

Slang meaning: plastic bag

Me regala una chuspa de leche – Could you give me a milk bag?

23. Chuspa

Slang meaning: jerk

No seas conchudo y consigue un trabajo – Don’t be a jerk and get a job

24. Cuadremos

Literal meaning: to square up

Slang meaning: to schedule, to plan

Cuandremos una reunión para mañana – L et’s plan a meeting for tomorrow

25. Cucho / Cucha

Slang meaning: cucha (mom) / cucho (dad) or an old person

María no salgas con él, está bien cucho – María you should not date him, he is too old for you

26. Culicagado / Culicagada

Slang meaning: youngster

Mi amiga Martha tiene 40 años y su novio tiene 22 años, ¡es un culicagado para ella! My friend Martha is 40 years old and her boyfriend is 22 years old, he is youngster!

27. Dar Papaya

Papaya is a South American fruit. The slang means take care of your personal stuff. Don’t be an easy target for thieves.

Literal meaning: to give papaya

Slang meaning: to ask for it

Salió en la noche solo y le robaron el cedular, dio papaya. – He went out alone last night and the thieves robbed his cellphone, he asked for it.

28. ¡De Una!

Slang meaning: yes, absolutely! Yes, let’s do it!

¿Vamos a rumbear este viernes? Si, ¡De una! – Would you like to go out this Friday? Yes, absolutely!

29. Desparchado / Desparchada

Slang meaning: bored, doing anything

Estoy desparchado – I’m doing anything

30. El Parche

Literal meaning: the patch

Slang meaning: the crew, the homies

Me voy de fiesta con mi parche – I’m going to the party with my crew

31. Embarrar

Literal meaning: smear

Slang meaning: to mess up, ruin

¡Yo la embarré! – I messed it up!

32. Emberracarse

Slang meaning: to be miffed

Me emberraqué con él, es un mentiroso – I’m miffed with him, he is a liar

33. ¡Estar Moscas!

Literal meaning: to be flies

Slang meaning: be alert!

Tenemos que estar moscas, es un barrio muy peligroso – We must be alert, it’s a dangerous neighborhood

34. Estar Prendido / Estar Prendida

Literal meaning: to be lit

Slang meaning: to be buzzed

No quiero tomar más guaro, ya estoy prendida – I don’t want to drink more aguardiente, I’m buzzed

35. Estar Tragado / Estar Tragada

Literal meaning: to be swallowed

Slang meaning: to be head over heels / in love

Samuel es muy lindo conmigo, estoy tragada – Samuel is wonderful with me, I’m in love

36. Foquiado / Foquiada

Slang meaning: passed out, knocked out

Anoche caí foquiada, estaba muy cansada – I passed out last night, I was so tired

37. ¡Fuchile!

Sland meaning: yuck!

¡Fuchile! Huele a orina de gato – Yuck, it smells cat urine

38. ¡Guacala!

Slang meaning: gross, ew!

¡Guácala! Tienes pecueca – Groos! You have stinky feet

39. Guaro

Slang meaning: aguardiente

El guaro es la bebida nacional, hecha de caña de azúcar y anís, se toma en pequeños tragos – Aguardiente is the national drink, made from sugar cane and anise, it’s taken in shots.

40. Guayabo

Literal meaning: A guava tree

Slang meaning: to be hangover

Anoche bebí demasiado, ¡tengo mucho guayabo! – I drank too much last night; I have a hangover!

41. Hacer una Vaca

Literal meaning: to make a cow

Slang meaning: to collect money

Hagamos una vaca para pagar el guaro – Everybody need to put some money to pay the aguardiente

42. Hacer una Vuelta

Slang meaning: do an errand / to have sex with someone

Yo creo que él me quiere hacer la vuelta – I think he wants to have sex with me

Mamá ya vengo, voy a hacer una vuelta – Mom I’ll right back, I’m going to do some errands

43. ¡Huevon!

Slang meaning: dummy!

¡No seas tan huevón! Don’t be a dummy

44. Jartar

Slang meaning: drink alcohol

Antonio hueles a alcohol, ¿estuviste jartando, otra vez? Antonio, you smell alcohol, were you drinking again?

45. Jincho / Jincha

Literal meaning: ignorant

Slang meaning: to be drunk

Ya estás todo jincho – You are already drunk

46. ¡Juepucha! / ¡Juemadre!

Slang meaning: Dang! Danm!

¡Juepucha! No le envié el informe a mi jefe – Dang! I didn’t send the report to my boss

47. Juicioso / Juiciosa

Slang meaning: well behaved

La niña es muy juiciosa en el colegio  – The girl is well behaved at school

48. ¡La Cague!

Literal meaning: I poopet it

Slang meaning: I screwed up

¡La Cagué! No debí terminar mi relación con él, es el mejor hombre que he conocido – I screwed up! I shouldn’t have finished my relationship with him, he’s the greatest man I’ve ever met

49. La Olla

Literal meaning: the pot

Slang meaning: the slums

This is the Colombian way to talk about the slums, ghetto, drug-ridden neighborhoods, etc.

El centro de la ciudad solía ser una olla – The downtown of the city used to be a slum

50. Listo / Lista

Literal meaning: smart

Slang meaning: okey, to be ready

¿Ya estás listo? Tenemos que salir en 5 minutos – Are you ready? We’re leaving in 5 minutes

Ella es la más lista de su clase – She’s the smartest in her class

51. Loba

Literal meaning: wolf

Slang meaning: trashy, tacky

Mira esa mujer, que loba con ese vestido – look at that woman, so tacky with that dress

52. Los Tombos

Slang meaning: cops

¡Corran! Ahí vienen los tombos – Run! The cops are coming

53. Lucas

Slang meaning: Colombian pesos

Parcero, presteme 20 lucas – Dude lend me 20.000 Colombian pesos

54. Malparido / Malparida

Slang meaning: bastard

¡Es un malparido! La engañó con su mejor amiga – He is a bastard! he cheated on her with her best friend

55. Maluco / Maluca

Literal meaning: Malukan (Island)

Slang meaning: sick, bad taste

Me comí ese pescado y ahora me siento maluco – I ate fish and now I feel sick

56. Mamado / Mamada

Literal meaning: sucked

Slang meaning: tired, exhausted

¡Hoy trabaje hasta tarde, estoy mamada! – I worked until late today, I’m so tired!

57. Mamar Gallo

Literal meaning: suck a cock (suck a rooster)

Slang meaning: lollygag, waste the time

¡Deje de mamar gallo! – Stop lollygaging!

58. Marica

This word has different meanings depending on the context. It’s very popular among friends like dude or fella, or when someone is playing dumb.  It’s also a rude way to call a homosexual.

Marica, vamos a cine en la tarde – Dude, let’s go to the movies this afternoon

Se está haciendo el marica, él fue quien hizo la broma – He is playing dumb, he did the joke

59. Me Regala

This slang is very common to buy stuff in small shops.

Literal meaning: gift

Slang meaning: to give, to sell

Vecino, me regala dos cervezas , por favor – Could you give two beers? please

60. Mecato

Slang meaning: snack

¿Qué trajiste de mecato? – What did you bring for snack?

61. Mi Llave / Llaveria / Llavero

Literal meaning: my key / key chain

Slang meaning: my good friend

El es mi llave – He’s my good friend

62. Michicato / Michicata

Slang meaning: stingy

El nunca paga la cuenta, es muy michicato – He never pays the check, he is stingy

63. ¡Miercoles!

Literal meaning: Wednesday

Slang meaning: Shit!

¡Miércoles! Olvidé llamarte – Shit! I forgot to call you back

64. Mono / Mona

Literal meaning: monkey

Slang meaning: light-skinned, fair-haired

Mami mira ese mono – Mom look at that light-skinned

65. Ñapa

Slang meaning: extra, bonus, for free

¿Qué me da de ñapa si como 10 aguacates? – What do you give me as an extra, if I buy 10 avocados?

66. Paila

Literal meaning: a frying pan

Slang meaning: too bad! Screwed, all out of something

Si tu amigo quiere salir a rumbear pero no tienes dinero puedes responder, no paila, no puedo – If you friend want to go out but you’re broke, you could say, that’s too bad! I can’t.

67. Parar Bolas

Literal meaning: to stand ball

Slang meaning: to give attention to, listen

¡No le pares bolas! – Ignore him!

68. Parcero / Parcera

Slang meaning: bro, dude, my man

Matias es mi parcero – Matias is my dude

69. Parchando

Slang meaning: chillin, hanging out

¿Qué haces? En la casa de mi amigo parchando – What are you doing? I’m at my friend’s house hanging out

70. Pecueca

Slang meaning: stinky feet, foot odor

Tienes pecueca – You have stinky feet

71. Pelado / Pelada

Slang meaning: young

Ella es una pelada para salir con él, él es muy viejo – She is so young to dating him, he is too old

72. Pelota

Literal meaning: ball

Slang meaning: idiot

¡Que pelota eres! – What an idiot you are!

73. Pieza

Literal meaning: piece

Slang meaning: bedroom

Hijo limpia tu pieza, por favor – Son clean up your bedroom, please

74. ¡Pilas!

Literal meaning: batteries

Slang meaning: keep your eyes peeled!

¡Pilas! Es un partido muy importante, debemos ganar para jugar la final – keep your eyes peeled! It’s an important match, we need to win to play the final game

75. Pillo

Slang meaning: bad behaved, rascal

Ese Mario es un pillo, deja de salir con el – Mario is a rascal, stop dating him

76. Plata

Literal meaning: silver

Slang meaning: money

Papá necesito plata – Daddy I need money

77. Pola

La Pola was the nickname of Policarpa Salavarrieta, a heroine and important character in Colombian independence from Spain. A Colombian Brewing named one of its beers as La Pola in her honor. The beer doesn’t exist anymore but Colombians still called beer as Pola.

Slang meaning: beer

¿Vamos a tomarnos unas polas? – Let’s go for some beers

78. ¡Que Berraquera!

Literal meaning: brave, gutsy (berraco)

Slang meaning: cool!

Cerraste el negocio tu solo ¡Que berraquera! – You closed the deal on your own, that’s cool!

79. ¡Que Gonorrea!

It can either be a negative or positive remark and it has multiple meaning depending on the context.

When something bad happens – ¡Qué Gonorrea!

When someone make something stupid, they call them Gonorrea

This a very common word but just used between friends.

80. Que Jartera

Slang meaning: exhausting, boring

Que jartera, no quiero ver más esa película – I’m bored, I don’t want to keep watching that movie

81. ¡Que Nota!

Literal meaning: It’s a note!

Slang meaning: it’s awesome!

Estuviste en Tailandia en tus vacationes, ¡que nota! – You were in Thailand for vacations, that’s aweome!

82. ¡Que Oso!

Literal meaning: what a bear!

Slang meaning: it’s making a fool of yourself

¡Qué oso! Se cayó en frente de toda la oficina – he made a fool of himself, he fell down in front of all the office

83. Que Pecado

Slang meaning: what a pity

Que pecado, lo despidieron antes de navidad – What a pity, he was fired just before Christmas

84. Quiubo (Que Hubo)

Slang meaning: what’s up? how’s it going?

Quiubo parcero – What’s up bro?

85. Rancho

Literal meaning: a farm

Slang meaning: home

Me voy pal’ rancho – I’m going home

86. Recochar / Recochero / Recochera

Slang meaning: to make jokes, amusing

Él es muy recochero – He’s amusing

87. Rumba

Slang meaning: the party itself

El viernes pasado me fui de rumba con mis amigos – Last Friday I went to party with my friends

88. Rumbear / Rumbiar

Literal meaning: wander

Slang meaning: to go out, to party

Vamos a rumbiar – Let’s go party

89. Sapo / Sapa

Literal meaning: frog

Slang meaning: snitch, rat, a person who can’t keep a secret

Porque le dijiste a mamá, ¡Eres una sapa! – Why you told mom, you are such a snitch!

90. Sardino / Sardina

Literal meaning: sardine

Slang meaning: young man, young woman

El nuevo colega es un sardino – The new coworker is a young man

91. Sumerce

It’s a pronoun derived from from the Iberian your mercy (su merced)

Sumerce, puede ayudarme a encontrar esta direccion – Could you help me to find this address

92. Te Caigo

Literal meaning: to fall

Slang meaning: to stop by, drop by

Yo te caigo en tu casa en la tarde – I’ll stop by at your house in the afternoon

93. Tener Buena Pinta

Literal meaning – to have a good paint

Slang meaning – to be good-looking, handsome

Mira ese hombre, tiene Buena pinta – Look at this guy, he is very handsome

94. Tinto

Literal meaning: red (wine)

Slang meaning: dark coffee

Me gustaría un tinto, por favor – I would like a black coffee, please

95. Toque

Literal meaning: touch

Slang meaning: a concert, a band

Vamos al toque de Andrés el jueves en la noche – Let’s go to Andres’ concert on Thursday night

96. Un Catorce

Literal meaning: a fourteen

Slang meaning: a favor

Hágame un catorce – Do me a favor

97. Un Chorro

Literal meaning: a stream

Slang meaning: a swig (of alcohol)

Dame un chorro de ron – Give a swig of rum

98. Vaina

This is used to describe something if you don’t know what it is.

Literal meaning: a sheath (a case)

Slang meaning: thing

Pásame esa vaina que esta sobre la mesa – Give me that thing which is on the table

99. Vecino / Vecina

Colombians usually call “vecino” the informal, street and small shops seller.

Literal meaning: neighbor

Slang meaning: seller

Vecino me regala una gaseosa – Could you sell me a soda?

100. Zunga

Slang meaning: a woman who is “easy”

No se si deberías salir con ella, dicen que es una zunga – I’m not sure if you should date her, they say she’s easy