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Bogotá Nightlife

Bogotá Nightlife

If you enjoy going out, or as it is called “salir a rumbear” Bogotá won’t let you down! Recognized for its night tourism from North to South and from East to West, you will find endless clubs and bars. By hosting countless cultures, Bogotá is home of places specialized in musical genres (salsa, merengue, vallenato, champeta, reggaeton, techno, electronic, jazz and rock), LGTB clubs, terraces, discos among other places with incredible atmospheres that will experience an unforgettable night.

With exclusive venues, renowned DJ, live music, drinks and food options to please all kind of visitors, there is an ideal place for everybody. Bogotá is divided by nightly entertainment sectors, among which stand out the Zona Rosa, Zona T, Parque 93, Usaquén, La Candelaria, Galerías, Modelia, Chapinero and Avenida Primera de Mayo. Depending on your place of accommodation, your musical taste and even your mood, you can choose the ideal place for you.

Besides to enjoying the charming city atmosphere and music, go for a local drink! The aguardiente is the national drink, made from sugar cane and anise, it is taken in shots and in cocktails, if it is the first time you try it, it is recommended not take it in large quantities or as a consequence you may suffer a terrible hangover the next day. If you want to try something more traditional, dare to drink chicha! This indigenous drink made from the corn fermented in water, was the protagonist in important religious ceremonies and rites in colonial times, or you can try local or craft beers.



Located in the North of the city, it is one of the most traditional and exclusive areas of Bogotá, its majestic buildings and streets still retain colonial architecture. This neighborhood is known as the town within the city. It has a charming parish, hospital, market and school built over 340 years ago. If you enjoy night walks, you can tour the neighborhood and try the traditional canezalo (hot drink made from aguardiente, agua de panela and cinnamon), perfect for the cold of the night. If you prefer quieter plans and share some drinks and music with your friends, here are some options of the best places in the area:

London calling: Calle 120a No. 6a-28

Pedro Mandinga Rum Bar Bogotá: Calle 117 No. 6a-05

Rock Garden: Calle 119b No. 6-13


Located in the hearth of the city, it is a neighborhood easily accessible from anywhere in the city. Galerias is recognized for being a commercial sector and for its countless stores along Calle 53. Surrounded by important entities such as Campin Stadium, Movistar Arena, the Club Cubo Colsubsidio and others, attracts thousands of visitors daily. At night it opens its doors for locals and tourist to enjoy its bars and clubs and its famous dance floors. Some options to dance salsa, enjoy live shows and party are:

Pachanga y Pochola: Carrera 27 No. 57-41

Toni-k VIP: Carrera 27 No. 52-36

Tabu Studio Bar: Carrera 27 No. 52-24


Modelia is known for its abundance of parks and green areas, located to West of the city it used to be residential area. However, it currently has a large number of restaurants, bars, clubs and various of establishments. It is surrounded by banks, schools and churches, in addition to being very close to El Dorado Airport. It is very popular during weekends for having approximately 93 bars, among which the following stand out:

La Lupe: Calle 24c No. 75-24

Tokio Urbano Bar: Calle 24c No. 75-24

Dejavu Bar: Calle 24c No. 75-21

La Candelaria

Located in the Eastern center of the city, it is an important historical reference due to Bogotá was founded in this town by Mr. Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada. In La Candelaria are the Plaza de Bolívar, headquarter buildings as the Casa de Nariño and the Palacio de Liévano, museums, theaters, cultural centers, churches and important schools and universities. With its bohemian and artistic style, La Candelaria will always be an excellent option to visit during the day or at ninght.

El Chorro de Quevedo: Calle 12b No. 22

Quiebra Canto: Carrera 5 No. 17-76

El Candelario: Carrera 5 No. 13-14


Chapinero is located in the Northeast of the city, it is a contrast area since is home of hotels, restaurants, universities, art galleries and coffee shops. Most of the music culture of bogotanos has developed there and it is also home to the gay area of the city. Acclaimed and favored by tourist, it offers an amazing nightlife hosting the largest gay club in Latin America, it is renowned for its incredible live music shows, DJ and shows by drags. Its best clubs are:

Theatron: Calle 58 No. 10-32

Asilo Bar: Av. Caracas No. 40-66

Casa Babylon: Calle 49 No. 7-27

Parque 93

Parque 93 is a renowned entertainment and nightlife center of the city. Located North of Bogotá in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods, it is recognized for its restaurants, bars, coffee shops and terraces. It is perfect meeting point to close business, a love date or just go out to have fun with your friends.

Galería Café Libro: Carrera 11a No. 93-42

Sutton Club: Carrera 15 No. 93-37

Salto del Ángel: Carrera 13 No. 93a-45

Zona Rosa y Zona T

If you are in Bogotá, you can’t leave without going out to the Zona Rosa! Internationally recognized for its restaurants, bars, clubs and malls, it is located between Calles 79 and 85 and Carreras 11 and 15. It is visited by thousands of locals and tourists especially during the weekends at night. Within the Zona Rosa is in the Zona T, so called because it is delimited by two pedestrian streets that form a T. Give yourself the opportunity to spend a wonderful night that you will surely want to repeat!

4.40 Music Hall: Carrera 13 No. 83-47

La Casa en el Aire: Carrera 13 No. 82-37

Cantina La 15: Carrera 13 No. 83-57

Armando Records: Calle 85 No. 15-30

Andrés D.C: Calle 82 No. 12-21

La Primera de Mayo

Located South of the city, Avenida Primera de Mayo is home of the largest concentration of bars and clubs in the city, with approximately 520 establishments. This place characterized by its cheap prices for drinks and food. Among the places of interest found in it surroundings are Plaza de las Americas Shopping Center, Mundo Aventura Park and Olaya Herrera State Park. If you are interested in frequenting this sector, it is important to keep in mind that it can be a little dangerous, since there are high rates of thefts and street fights. The best places are:

Café Canterbury: Carrera 71 No. 3a-37

Discoteca Carnaval: Avenida 1 de mayo No. 70b-34

Palacius: Avenida 1 de mayo No. 69c-16

Another option to have fun in Bogotá are the “chivas rumberas”, they are traditional buses set with music and drinks that make tours around the nightly entertainment sectors. Keep in mind that bars and clubs have differents schedules, cover fees and dress codes, so it is important to check this information before to go out.

Enjoy a great experience in Bogotá, this city knows how to have fun!