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Parque 93

Info & History

Parque 93 is best described as a commercial and recreational park in Bogotá. It can be found on 93rd street in El Chicó, which is a popular shopping and nightlife destination in the area. It is very close to the financial district, so there a lot of business-minded people who visit it daily. It developed as a park after Bogotá expanded in the early 1900s. It’s an affluent neighborhood that has developed into one of the most popular centers of entertainment and nightlife in the area. There are hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, travel agencies, vendors, and more to enjoy in Parque 93. This is considered the most popular park in all of Bogotá, so you can see why it’s such a prominent tourist destination. However, both tourists and locals love this spot, so it is a suitable activity for everybody to consider when they are visiting Bogotá.

There are all kinds of activities that are hosted here! Not only are there sports matches through the year, but it’s also a gathering spot when there are public holidays and so forth as well as a spot for exhibitions to be hosted through the year. There are also amazing music festivals here which turn the park into a lively, electric destination for any and all music lovers. You can find Sunday brunch, an art gallery, a spot to enjoy the local cinema, and more. During Christmas, the entire park is lit up with amazing decorations and a huge tree is displayed for all to enjoy. It’s located in the district that has many art galleries, night clubs, eateries, and design centers. Some of the most popular restaurants in the area include Juan Valdez, Myriam Camhi, Gato Negro, Crepes y Waffles, Kukaramakara, Santo del Ángel, and the Starbucks location. There is even a licensed Apple store here!

How to Get There

This park can be accessed from the main Carreras at 11a and 13 or Calles 93a and 93b. It’s easiest to walk to this destination. You can arrange transportation in the form of a taxi, drive yourself, or walk if your accommodations are in the general area. Public transportation is another thing to consider if you happen to be a tourist or a local who lacks access to transportation. The closest Transmilenio stop is the Virrey stop which is located around 1.5 kilometers away from the park itself.

Some of the local accommodations that are close to this destination include Lloyd’s Apartasuites, Richmond Suites Hotel, and Prisma Suites Chicó. Some of these are fully furnished, but it’s up to you! It is easily reached regardless of where you decide to stay for your visit to Bogotá.


It doesn’t cost anything to attend this area of Bogotá. The only cost you need to consider is that if you want to shop, enjoy food, a movie, or attend a special event. You can find specific rates for all of these things on their website so that you’re totally prepared to have a great time in Bogotá.


Make sure to bring some cash to enjoy food, shopping, and nightlife destinations here if you don’t want to solely window shop.

This is a dog-friendly area, so feel free to bring your pup if you have one. Otherwise, plan on meeting some furry friends when you come to visit Parque 93 in Bogotá.

There are signs in Spanish and English, so you can feel good knowing that you will be accommodated when you’re traveling here.

Although it is located in an affluent area, people from all walks of life enjoy spending time here. Therefore, it is quite a diverse area as far as guests are concerned. There is always a small police presence here.

You do not have to worry about your safety when you visit Parque 93. Since it is located in an affluent neighborhood, everything is extremely safe from night time to day time.

On Sundays, this is one of the many areas that participate in ciclovía. This is when the entire street is closed to traffic for cars and opened up to locals who want to walk, bike, jog, and skate through the streets. This makes it super easy to get around, so be sure to consider planning your visit during Sunday if you don’t mind large crowds!

One of the best ways to keep up with all of the activities that this spot offers is to check out their website before you plan your visit. This way, you will know exactly what to expect when you decide to visit this spot with family and friends.

There are always crowds here considering the proximity to popular restaurants and hosting popular events, so it might not be the best destination for you if you want a calm experience without many people around.