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Tren Turistico de la Sabana

Info & History

Tren Turistico de la Sabana, also known as Turistren, is a popular train station in the Bogotá area where you will find heritage trains and the opportunity to ride them through town and other significant tourism destinations.  If you are unfamiliar with heritage trains, they are railways operated in an effort to recreate the past with vintage locomotives that aren’t used in modern times. These preserved railways give you the chance to see how things used to operate which is very cool for those who enjoy a bit of history or happen to be interested in locomotives! The trains drive between 10-14 cars including a cafeteria car. It’s not uncommon to find around five hundred people on each train ride. All of the trains are accompanied with live music while they’re running! Everybody and all ages can find something interesting about this tourist attraction in Bogotá.  With the landscape, colombian food options, and papayera bands playing joyful music, it’s impossible to have a bad time when you’re on one of these trains with friends or family.

The trains run from the Sabana and Usaquén railway stations in Bogota to two locations, Nemocón as well as Zipaquirá. This tourist attraction was first conceived in the year of 1982, but it did not become reality until 1993. After the National Railways in Colombia ceased operation in the year of 1990, the company Turisten Ltda received a contract to be able to renovate the tracks for a steam locomotive and carriage railway for tourists and locals to enjoy. That is where it all began! It has been operating since 1993 and it seems to get more popular each year, especially after it was renovated.

From 1993 to 1997, Turistren gained the possession of nine vintage steam locomotives that were abandoned in the courtyard areas of old railroad workshops. They put a lot of work into these machines and were able to restore five of them to their old glory by replacing spare parts and working tirelessly on maintenance. Currently, the fleet contains Locomotive #8, #72, #75, #76, and #85. There are three auto ferries #1723, #1676 and #1696 and three diesel locomotives #711, #723 and #601). All of the steam locomotives were manufactured in the 1940’s and come all the way from Philadelphia in the United States of America. The diesel locomotives where manufactured in the 1960’s and come from Spain. The auto ferries were manufactured in the 1950’s in Sweden.

How to Get There

You can board the train either in downtown Bogotá at the Sabana Train Station at Calle 13 no.18-24, or just north of Bogotá at the Usaquen Train Station at 9 Avenue no. 110-08. The route of the trains go through the savannah landscape and visit destinations such as Zipaquira’s Salt Cathedral, The Nemocon’s Mine of Salt, as well as the picturesque villa of Cajica.


The round trip route from Bogota, Zipaquira, Cajica, and back to Bogota costs $58,000 for adults, which is in Colombian pesos. For seniors over sixty years of age and children under twelve years of age, the price decreases to $50,000 Colombian pesos. Children being held in arms who are under three years of age get free admission. If you only wish to check out the Salt Cathedral or the Mine of Salt, there are special tours with a different cost. For locals, it costs $41,000 for local adults to visit the salt cathedral, $33,000 for seniors and children. That increases to $62,000 for foreign adults and seniors, and $52,000 for foreign children. To visit the Nemocon Mine of Salt, it costs $36,000 for both locals and foreigner adults, $28,000 for seniors and children. You can check out more specific details on the official website if you want to nail down all of the details before deciding which option you want to do!

You can buy tickets on Monday through Friday at the Sabana and Usaquen stations from when they open at 8:30AM to when they close at 5:30PM. You can also buy them on the weekend before a holiday from 7AM to 5:30PM. The train itineraries vary by station. The Sabana Station has an arrive at 5:30PM departs at 8:15 in the morning. The Usaquen station arrives at 9AM, 4:30PM, and departs at 9:15AM and 4:40PM. The Zipaquira Station arrives at 11:05AM and departs at 12:35PM. The Cajica arrives at 1:05PM to 3:15PM. You can also purchase tickets by calling the stations. You can reach the Sabana Station at 375 0557/58 and the Usaquen Station at 316 1300 by phone.


The itinerary and cost is subject to change without notice due to demands.

The company has the right to control who consumes alcoholic beverages on the trains if they are being belligerent.

You are not allowed to stick your head or appendages out of the window of the train or walk on the railroad. There is also no smoking allowed on the trains.

There are a lot of amazing destinations around for food, so be sure to come prepared to spend extra money for lunch if you want the full experience.

There are bathrooms on the trains for your convenience.

If you want to get the best view of the band, try to get a seat in the middle of the train car.

It’s a good idea to try to buy your tickets in advance, especially if you want to embark on a tour during a holiday or on the weekend, as they tend to sell out pretty fast.

The Touristic Train is only in operation on Saturday, Sunday, as well as Colombian Holidays.

If you’re going to the salt palace, the tours are only in Spanish, but there is an English tour during the weekdays.

If you need to get in touch to ask any questions, you can call them at +571 3161300 or send them an email at